Why Choose Us?

Better Metal Faster.

At Brookstone Industries, we specialize in manufacturing sheet metal duct for any industrial, commercial, or residential project. Whether the need is for standard round or square duct or for custom work, we are committed to the fabrication of duct and fittings at the highest SMACNA quality standards. As a small business, one of Brookstone’s greatest strengths is that each client and project remains a priority. Our team has the ability to remain focused on completing your order with an attention to detail and at a lower cost. This means that materials for your job are produced on schedule and checked for accuracy and quality so that they can be installed on the field without delay.

40 Years of Experience

The staff at Brookstone holds a collective 40 years of experience in metal fabrication and continues to pursue excellence in the field.


We are skilled in industrial and commercial metal HVAC fabrication, welding solutions for sheet metal, and HVAC estimating.

Customer Satisfaction

Hard work, unique skills, and innovative ideas have produced quality products and long-standing relationships with our clients.